Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cildo, starting from zero

Zero Dollar, by Cildo Meireles, here on good news, by Isabella Lychowski Cildo Meireles, "Zero Dollar", 1978/1984.* Do we have to say anything else?
Cildo says he is an artist, supposedly! I´ve watched Cildo the other day being interviewed on a local TV. His is so simple. Yet (?) his fascinating works and words say so much. I´m looking forward to watching the first documentary about him hopefully to be released in Brazil in 2009.*
*News updated on the 7th of March 2009
O documentário "Cildo", de Gustavo Rosa de Moura (RJ, 84 min) sobre a vida, a obra e as idéias de Cildo Meirelles, vencedor do Prémio Velásquez em 2008, está na mostra competitiva brasileira do Festival Internacional de Documentários "É Tudo Verdade", entre 25 de março e 5 de abril de 2009.

Watch Cildo speaking here about his work and more specifically about "Meshes of Freedom".
Na Wikipédia , na Isto É e depoimento de Paulo Herkenhoff sobre "Zero Dólar".
* Laura Gilbert, an American Artist, has created in 2008 a very similar work titled "Zero Dollar". The artist has distributed printed zero dolars "free" as a protest artwork on Wall Street and to individuals all over the world.

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